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What is this thing calle(D) evil? Political Religions 325 AD to Current. Now can we talk Peace?


It’s released – the Book(s) I mean!

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Democracy has yet to fully mature. Transparency is the next rEVOLution. The new power is the Fourth Column. The enemy is the Fifth Column.

The way to a peaceful evolution is through public confession. In short, folks telling the TRUTH.

Hi there! I’ve been tracking the cause of war ever since the Rwandan Massacre of 1994. I’ve also been trying to understand religious belief traditions and the reason for their Apocrypha (religious texts of dubious authority).

I’ve found my answers and they have inspired  this magazine and a couple of books.

Information is organized into 5 columns

  1. Column 1 – is about we the people, custodians of the planet
  2. Column 2 – is about common law, our written commitment to each other
  3. Column 3 – is about leadership topics and their role as servants
  4. Column 4 – is about truth, transparency and the right of protest. Freedom baby.
  5. Column 5 – is about deception and corruption. Secret and subversive activities that divide a population in order to gain advantage

Overtime, I’ll be presenting pieces from my research to explain such things as

  • How, why, when and who fabricated all Biblical Prophecy and Miracles (Column 5)
  • On the subject of prophecy, I’ll discuss what my research reveals about Nostradamus and why the year 2057 AD is important (Column 4)
  • I’ll reveal which single person architected the Roman Christian Bible and why (Column 5)
  • How Cyrus the Great and Zoroastrian Magi, forefathers of the Pharisees that killed Jesus and some of todays Rabbis, corrupted Judaism. (Column 5)
  • Why the twin notions of ego and empire are the true cause of all human conflict, both personal and national (Column 3)
  • How and why Muhammad fraudulently created Islam (Column 3)
  • Why the pharisees Book of Daniel will be the undoing of the three belief traditions, Pharisaic Judaism, Roman Christianity and Islam (Column 5)
  • Who Jesus really was. The Righteous Leader of the Essene Jews from Qumran (Column 3)
  • How we’ve been conned by the idea that Empire was of any “real” benefit to humanity (Column 5)
  • How the Empire designed the massacred the indigenous folks of Africa, America and Australia to name a few.  This was done in order to increase the “wealth” of the Empires. No other reason. (Column 5)
  • And what all this has to do with the world we live in today and why we have war.  (Column 1)
  • Amongst other things… (Columns 1-5)

It’s time for the next evolution and for some corrupt folks to come clean. Truth and nothing but the truth is the mission of this magazine… let’s get this party started and start the process of returning stolen assets to serve humankind…

Won’t you join me in the discussion and challenge each premise. And persist until all that remains is the truth.

4 comments on “Welcome to the Fourth Column
  1. JD says:

    Do you believe in the Holy Trinity and that salvation comes thru Jesus Christ?

    • bbeasley says:

      The trinity was a coverup. The true origin of the trinity is this authentic Jesus Saying

      44 Jesus said, “Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.”

      What it really means is this. The father was Cyrus the Great. The Jewish folks of Jesus era new of Cyrus as the father, refer to my Book “What is this thing called Go(o)d?” and the Apocryphon of Johns mention of the book of Zoroaster. The son referred to the Messaih returning which was speculated at the time of Jesus by the Jewish population. The true Jesus, the righteous teacher of the Qumran Essen Jews, knew these things and about the Pharisee connections back to the days of Cyrus (Cyrus, is referred to the anointed one in Isaiah) and his Zoroastrian Magi.

      So father and son are from the corruptions by Cyrus. The (inner) holy spirit is the authentic story and should be respected and held in high honour and should not be lied about. If we do karma will hve its day.

  2. Ruth says:

    You may think you’ve found the truth, but your ego is in your way. Jesus gave us the truth 2000 years ago and the Catholic Church has been passing it on ever since. Anything else that purports to be the truth is a sham. If you truly want to know the truth start with Jesus then go on to the Church fathers: Iranaeus, Ignatius, Jerome, and Gregory to name just a few. And if you think your little mind can handle them continue on to St. Patrick, St. Augustine, St. Francis and St. Claire of Assisi. Then St. Thomas Aquinas and if you get past him try St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Therese of Lisieux, Pope Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X, St. Faustina, St. Padre Pio, and Pope St. John Paul II.
    All these people have helped to pass on the truth that Jesus gave us. There are so many great minds in the pantheon of Catholic saints that you will never get through studying them. And if you follow them then you will obtain the most wondrous thing of all: eternal life.

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