Forgiving people who commit beheading – An issue. Not for the forgivers, rather the forgiven!

Why it should start with the truth from the deceived or mislead executioner?

It is the truth that sets us all free. Like love thy neighbour this is a golden rule.

If the executioner genuinely starts the process, faces the victims loved ones publicly in the process and with absolute honesty, we should see the opportunity for the most authentic personal healing. For reasons given later, you’ll soon see that there is a need for healing on the side of the executioner as much as there is on the many victims of these orchestrated atrocities. Atrocities that are not only War Crimes but also acts of terrorism. God does NOT request beheadings! Never has and never will.

Beheadings are a call for the silent majority to state their “Beliefs” on whether their God seeks such a brutal end for one so kind.

Time for beheading to be classified as War Crimes.

Background the longer story and lead up.

There never was such a thing as an angel gabriel.

Islam is a cult of personality shaped by Talmudic Rabbis, circa 630 AD!,_son_of_Salam

Babylon  Rabbi’s have had a running battle with the Roman Empire from 70 AD – 625 AD!

more and different perspectives …

Islam takes over at 630 AD  to 1900 AD at least, according to its extensive war record over this lengthy period

And if you think religions aren’t still used politically take a look at this.

North Korean defector BELIEVES Kim Jong Il was a God who could read minds

It may be time to question all beliefs perhaps.


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