Climate and Peace Political Party – Australia

Well fundamentally, I have had enough of politics and their effort to deliver peace, address poverty and tackle climate change.

So I’ve decided to frame what I consider to be realistic and achievable goals and see if there is enough interest to start a new political movement.  This will not be a group that you can join light-heartedly. It’s foundation will be on authentic selflessness. This will be a Party founded on genuine and transparent community service and integrity.

The main standards are these

  • Climate Change Policy will be created by a global scientific committee  and voted on by popular consensus
  • Economic Policies will be reviewed in line with the work of J. H. DeSoto. Free market, 100% savings guarantee.
  • Religions will be purely about personal improvement and will be banned from any political role. Funding will be based on demonstrable targets of personal spiritual improvement. A key indicator will be the change in the level of authentic selflessness of followers. A public forum will be held to look at the claims of all religions openly.
  • Support for a study on moving towards a single global currency.
  • A commitment to peace initiatives and increasing signatories to the ICC’s Rome Statute above 75%.
  • Funding a new sustainable model city (cities) using desalination and arid waste zone to study climate potentials, not unlike Masdar City.


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