Another Missing Peace of the Puzzle – Death of Islam – Time for truth and freedom

Abdullah ibn Salam  . Well with  the solid framework of my Book in place, things are just making so much more sense. I find my self getting more and more Gems to complete the picture that is Political Corruptions of religions.

Last article referred to a Calender Issue a hapless Nigerian Muslim pointed to, thus shooting Islam in the foot.

Today, a good jewish man, told me about this guy called Abdullah ibn Salam and another penny dropped.

I’d been wondering fro a while how Islam scripture seemed to be “aware” of the REAL Jesus story. They honoured the old Torah and the Injeel (Q source or the Gospel of Thomas)  and spoke about nassar ( i think). I remember when reading the Quran from back to front how it was interlaced with the “true story wisdoms”.

And a book marked item is the “alleged” relationship between Hitler and Muhameddanism …  The true source of the term Nazi .. is it connected to nazarite , The Essenes and nassar in Islam… ha ha!

The answer to the problem is now clear. This “fallen” rabbi was the one to guide Muhammad in his creation of the false religion called Islam. The Pharisee ( Persian corruption of the Torah ) traditions were in fact the true source of Islam . This “fallen” Pharisee would have known the truth and conspired with Muhammad to design a “new” religion.

The story is near complete… but with one earth shattering twist, that will stay with me until I am ready or you all join me in the abyss. Choose wisely my corrupt friends  :-)


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