How a potential call centre person shot himself and possibly Islam in the foot .

I’m the type of guy that loves a mystery. And there is no greater mystery than these religions.

However, I also like to look at the bigger picture and see if I can spot patterns of human behaviours or repeating phenomena.

I’ve been curious for some time now about these viral debates between Muslims and Christians on the internet. Well , you’d hardly call them debates. These folks just go on and on and on and on about the same nonsense.  It’s kind of like those eternal TV soap operas. You could leave them for a month, come back and the folks are still talking about the same rhetoric and no progress has been made.

Being a pattern watcher ( That’s how I worked out what I think is the religious true story), I noticed that there was an over representation of young Nigerian males in the Islam camp, online. I was immediately reminded of the infamous Nigerian money scams and began to imagine Nigerian call centres full of young Nigerians were related to this phenomena. I was in several groups on Facebook and I saw that these young trouble makers seemed to be reading from the same “prayer” book. The conversation topics seemed to be in sync as well.

Then, only recently, Nigeria had burst on to the front page regarding inter religious persecutions. This ideological battle between Christians and Muslims was moving into the real world with bloody and brutal consequences.

So much for these religions living up to their Golden Rule. Love thy neighbour. Where was the leadership voices.

It seemed obvious to me that the young Nigerians in these so called “respectable debates” were really trouble makers. They consistently and deliberately attacked the flaws in the Bible. Well, after my research I didn’t find that as surprising. I had found that the HOLY BIBLE had more  holes in it than swiss cheese. And that’s a fact. At least as far as the majority of scholars are concerned.

The input from those Nigerians was so common that it JUST had to be orchestrated. But who and why? That’s an important question. And I have some ideas for a later article. This story though, is about one Nigerian who may have just brought ISLAM to its knees.  This is what he posted on Facebook and then I’ll explain how this young fellow may have shot himself and ISLAM in the foot. Big time!

So what was this guys big mistake :-)

He pointed out a calendar problem that the Pharisees ( Maccabees)  and Rome tried to address CIRCA 160 BC in the Apocryphal Books of Enoch and Jubilees.

Read these two articles and see if you can see the problem.

1. Why its important to Examine biblical Apochrpha

2. The crooked Book of Daniel

You see, the problem for our Nigerian friend is that he has exposed this calendar issue and identified another reason these crooked empires wrote these Books that they later said were not real scripture.

This adds further weight to the logical conclusion that these Books were written after the Jewish Roman Treaty of 160 BC.

What this means is that the Maccabees did in FACT write the Book of Daniel Circa 160 BC falsifying Prophecy and a six winged Angel Gabriel.

6 Winged Zoroaster


So who was Muhammad talking to :-)  Time to shut down Islam. And if Nostradamus tends to be a REAL Prophet , then Muhammad must have also lied about that Last prophet story as well…

Now if that plays out, that’s what I call SHOOTING Oneself in the foot.

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