The Case of a Historical Jesus

One of the fundamental flaws in a search for evidence that A man called Jesus ever existed is the lack of effort given to authenticate what he may have said as something related to the human experience.

Of course, that statement alone will get howled down from some quarters. Many folks drawn to the idea of miracles and how they are suspect will fix their mind on this version of Jesus to say the least.

This idea of fixing to preconceived notions is an important point I want to start with. It’s relevent not only to my proof about Jesus but how we can struggle in these idiotological debates. he he

Let’s revisit  one of my favourite Sayings and a foundation piece of my evidence. That Cherokee tale of two wolves that reside in us all.

“An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

An obvious duality. Wise and true, I would say. How about you guys? Anyone disagree.

Good and evil behaviours defined as being the result of  personal choice. Yes. No third party actors in this philosophy.

Look again at the evil wolf.  “anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego”  Are they not self serving behaviours. I look at them and call these Self survival Strategies. Not nice some of them, but none the lest they are designed to serve the self.

Look again at the good wolf. ”  joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth” .  Are these not behaviours designed to serve others ahead of  the self. I look at these and see a Herd Survival Strategy.

I have two videos that show how these “instincts” relate to behaviours. In one we will see how subtle a force they can be. In the other we will see how these instincts play out in an unexpected turn of events in the animal Kingdom.

Keep this duality in mind, it permeates so much of our reality.

Many folks have tried to confirm the case for a Historic Jesus and many valiant efforts have failed.   Two examples

 Internet Site:

Internet Site:

Here’s where I think they fail. My research concluded that Jesus ( or someone ) was a thorn in the side of early Pharisaic Judaism and Rome. But this person must have made an impact and the philosophies seen as powerful. Why else include these sayings in a Bible. BTW I am not aware of any of the Gospel of Thomas sayings that precede the ones we see in Thomas. Hebrews has the seek and find saying but my guess is that the apochryphal Gospel of the Hebrews includes that after the times of  Jesus.

You have to also note, and we would need much more time to explore this, that I concluded from my research that Christianity and Pharisaic Judaism have always belonged to empires. Islam is also  fake religion based on the back of the lies that established The former two. In other words, Empires owned religions and they used them for political and economic ends. You may have heard the term what a tangled web we weave when we set out to deceive. This is how I see belief traditions. Further, as Plato drew comparisons between the person and society in his work “The Republic”. It’s my opinion we can do the same with a persons ego character and that of empires role at a community level. Pushing all the propaganda ( lies)  that surrounds empires aside and looking at their material aspects they seem much like a person feeding their evil wolf. You will not have to try to hard to see the anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego that accompanies empires.  Like any challenged ego notion, they will tell you otherwise though. More lies.

A trawl through this list of people and events from 325 AD to current may help  you see that this is an area we need to investigate very thoroughly. Something that will become another book if time permits.

Enough of that for now. The reason I mentioned it , if indeed religion belongs to empire for so long as I claim, one would expect that there would be vigorous opposition to anything challenging it. And the strongest opposition would come from some extremely powerful and influential circles.  Take a look at who got involved the Dead Seas debacle. It should never have taken as long as it did to release that information and the analysis and data from the “official” site is less than satisfactory when compared to the Nag Hammadi effort.

So what I am saying is there may have always been powerful and influential persons deliberately trying to obscure the true Jesus story and preserve the 73 AD version invented by The Flavian Dynasty and Nerva. I hold that Jesus was the Righteous Teacher of the Essen community at Qumran the site of the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery.

Let’s now do what many a scholar have failed to do and should have been the first action. Examine the philosophical quality of the 114 Gospel of Thomas Sayings attributed to a man called Jesus.

But first, one last point.  I searched the Bibles Gospels for these sayings. I found 61 were used in the Bible and 53 were not. My full listing and analysis of their meaning can be found here. When you look at the collection with a theory of Empire abuse in mind, it’s not hard to see why the 53 were excluded. Empires savoured the notion that saw them in God’s favour over a person having a personal relationship with a God of there very own.

Oops another!  Think of a Bulimia sufferer. They hold on so tightly to a false notional image of themselves and reality. So much so that they will protest bitterly when that notion is threatened/challenged. In this extreme scenario, this belief can be fatal. This belief is rooted in “self” image. I also hold that all beliefs will create such immediate and almost automatic behavioural defenses. So subtle and powerful is this facit of our Survivalist instinct. This is fundamental to understanding why “belief” arguments are such a challenge. We seem well designed for early detection of real threats and this will lead to anger or a complete shutdown of the discussion to avoid a threat to the lie. Nick no I did not. :-) Some  folks were making  light of an important and challenging debate and you were showing signs of the stubborn believer. And that was too much effort I had no time for with other projects on the go at that time :-) I think that this point is an imperative point to raise and understand at the beginning of any belief debate. Review the Money on the mind video again if you do not believe this is part of who a human is. I am that, I am. We are this, we are.

Let’s press on to this examination of the Jesus sayings. I refer to a verifiably ancient text that has been hidden for almost 1700 years. A text that was located in upper egypt near what would have been the  perimeter of the Roman Empire around the times of  Constantine the Great.  The Gospel of Thomas.

The Gospel of Thomas is a collection of 114  alleged Jesus sayings without a Narrative.

Scholar assessments, through evidence of mentions of this text and other means, argue that the age of these sayings is between 40 and 140 AD ( Mid 1st to mid second century AD). But that is not our focus yet.

Open up my collections analysis link.  You’ll find saying 1 in the Collection that I claim Rome used.

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