RUMOUR FILE #1: Putin to be assassinated by Illuminati and Chinese elite to rule Asio-Russian Zone

This just in from the Nostradamus files…


After bankrupting the west the Pharisee backed Illuminate are planning a triple double cross play.


Missing Plane will be blamed on Australia or used as an excuse for military movements engagement with Australia.  At some point this will be connected to events that escalate tensions to a fever pitch and possibly war, so cornered are these rats on their sinking ship. Events in the Ukraine and the missing Plane combine to facilitate Military Asset movements.

FACT: China to take orders from Australia in July War “Games” based on improved relations following Missing Malaysian Plane. Suggestions it will never be found.

I seem to remember some conspiracy theorist claiming these Pharisees have to broadcast their deeds in advance. Are they a sick religious cult. That reminded me of another wierd and humourous post on facebook where Rabbi’s believed that if you wave a chook (“chicken”) around your head three times you’d absolve yourself from a sin. That had me thinking about what happened to saying sorry to the person you sinned against. I mean, If you haven’t done something to harm another person where is the sin. No harm, no Fowl I would have  thought.

What happened to saying sorry- No harm to other folks-No FOWL

Just goes to show people can and do have wacky ideas.

The “rats” have to because the list of their implicated “staffers”, with equally veracious appetites, is getting too large to contain. Besides those greedy Pharisees at the top of this evil food chain, would  like all that money back for themselves in the end. It’s time for their end play.

But there is a sting in the Pharisees plan.  The Illuminati have primed a Chinese élite, unconscious of how clever they are.

And will Putin be as dumb as their other patsy, their Bohemian Corporal of world war II, Hitler.

Bohemian Corporal

So what’s the plan.

The Ashkenazi Pharisee leaders plan to Double Cross a bankrupt west. These blood thirsty leaches will move to make their new hosts Russia and China. Bizarrely, Nostradamus had  quatrain that could be echoing these outcomes. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

“In a short time the temples with colors Of white and black of the two intermixed: {US ?} Red and yellow ones will carry off theirs from them, {China Russia?} Blood, land, plague, famine, fire extinguished by water.”

Nostradamus Century VI Quatrain 10

The top doggy needs two subordinates to pull of their deceptions. One subordinate only resolves to a dog fight as they well know. A hierarchy of three is the standard model associated with selfish aholes.  That’s how they scammed the west when they stripped the Money Supply from the Politicians. Simple divide and conquer strategy and they used sex and money to have their wicked ways. Something that plagues our histories. Putin and the Chinese Elites, palms have already been greased. The evidence awaits disclosure.

Now, these Pharisees know that their little corporal has an ego the size of Zeppelin, so they have a deal running with the Chinese Elite to execute Putin immediately after the successful invasion of the US by their Chino-Russian coalition. The Ukraine/Missing plane, just ruses to reposition Russian and chinese forces. As a side benefit, the Pharisees will recover the Gold they have given the little crook to get him to do their bidding.

Related to this attack on America/Australia, is the orchestrated rise of Islam. The Pharisees are also fuelling this fire. However if you think Islam will end up as the number one religion, then you could also explain how you see Pharisees praying five times a day to Allah. Either Islamists will be converted to Pharisee worship or be destroyed. Even greedy Pharisees know we have problems with population and Climate Control. Maybe that number of 1/2 Billion on the Georgia Guidestones was a Pharisee encoded message to add to the confusion these Pharisees seem to enjoy. A sign they can boast to new targets of these career corrupter’s to give the illusion they are brazenly in control.

Speaking of which, Rumour has it our Friends in the media will be downsized in this end play. I mean how many outlets do you need in one world scenario. Rough Justice for these folks that have betrayed their own.

So whats the Triple Double cross, America one, Putin two and Islam three… Sneaky devils.

Oh, and if you think G_d is real. Wrong, that was an invention of the élite in Persia, birth place of these assholes 2500 years ago.

And that religious scam dear friends, that is not a rumour, that is simply fact. Talk about arrogance and ignorance. How dumb are we?

But, two BIG questions remain, unanswered. Is Nostradamus and his predictions just more false prophecy like the Biblical lies? If not, can they be changed?

You see, Nostradamus says that the attack on America will be “extinguished by water”.  Will this Missing Plane fiasco be the beginning of the final Justice against these crooked Empires and their cunning Pharisee friends. At what time does this event occur? April or May? Does Jesus and the common person have the their justice?

Through the power of three temporal kings, the sacred seat will be put in another place, where the substance of the body and the spirit will be restored and received as the true seat.

Nostradamus – Century VIII Quatrain 99

Eerily, this is exactly what my research conclusion was. Three religions were frauds and Jesus was the real deal and had something philosophically delightful to offer humanity. If my research findings are validated  Jesus words return to unify humanity. When you remove the fraudulent elements of these belief traditions, the prophecy and miracles, the true wisdom’s they each held were all remarkable similar and in accord with these long-lost Jesus Sayings.

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