SMACKDOWN 2014 – Who wins – Is Nostradamus right?


#PublicConfessionTime  – Media – Religions – Scholars

Religion is not the real problem. It’s Empire. It always has been humanities biggest headache. Why?  Because it is ego on steroids. An evil wolf that we all know, and some greedy assholes grow to love.

 “An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

Now folks with this ego sickness struggle to accept the reality of these two wolves. Don’t, it will make a better person out of you. Still not convinced? Look here

And to all you day-dream believers, this is how you make true PEACE.

Judgement, enlightenment, EVOLution or what ever you wish to call it has arrived. Use it wisely.  Our kids, not Grandkids, have a tough road ahead and it’s criminal to not help them be ready.  Wake the F&^k up. There is no SKY GOD to bail them out and Armageddon was made up by the Romans. :-)

Although there is no Biblical Prophecies, they were fakes.  Nostradamus might be real and Jesus certainly adds value to the living experience.

TIP: Never, ever , ever trust a Pharisee. Look what happened to Jesus. That goes double for the Jewish folks, you also must never trust a Pharisee, your brother Jesus the Essen Jew did and look at his fate. Also recall the Hellenized Jews that the Maccabees killed. I have an unconfirmed report that a senior Ashkenazi member owned the factory that produced the gas used in Auschwitz. I did say unconfirmed.

39 Jesus said, “The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

As for you, be as sly as snakes and as simple as doves.”

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