$20,000 AUD Prize if you can beat me in the Genuine Super Conspiracy Challenge – First to 50% wins the 20K (WIP)

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night folks,

This is the simple challenge. The first person to offer a single related Conspiracy theory that offers a more rational explanation for only 50% of my claims WILL win themself $20,000 AUD. No strings attached.

The judges for this competition will be a group of 73 people agreed by the first person to present the best presented argument and myself.

To show that I want this to be a fair fight here is a free draft copy of my expose of the Religious Frauds. It’s this that I will use for the religious elements of my case. I’ll keep the other stuff until the debate. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Don’t bother me with grammar and spell checking. You’ve been warned. :-)

Your case must be presented in a similar format to mine and it must be clear what your connected Super Conspiracy is. You must show how it addresses each individual claim on my list up to and including the 50% of items on my list.

Please wait for GO DATE and final conditions and claims list. Eager beavers can get a head start in their prep.


The Empire (Global Elite) and the Pharisees (Court Jews with either Prussian or Ashkenazi connections)  have plundered their way through history on a path to World Domination.

These folks have chosen personal advantage and corruption as their way. They consciously choose to be self serving. They follow and fed the ways of an evil wolf that resides in all humanity. That’s right we the people are the evil in this world. We are also the source of the Go(o)d. No Sky Gods exist. No Devils. No Angels. No Biblical Prophecies. No Miracles. We live we die. Sometimes we enjoy the experience. Sometimes we die with no regrets and in peace. Sometimes we don’t. Most everything about human behaviour is explained by this ancient Cherokee tale of two wolves. And it has evolutionary connotations. Nostradamus may be a true prophet of God and this will be known definitively within the next 5 years.

“An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

If you think the behavioural claim is too simple, check this article out and make sure you view the videos. These things clearly show why “antiegoism” should be considered a new ideology for further scientific study. From all my research it appears that ego, not money or any fake demons, lies as the root of all evil. Ego certainly is the root of all lies.

Competition Rule:  your entry must use the same word length or less than mine. It must explain all the conspiracies or events listed below

Rob Beasley’s Log of Claims

  • The Book of Daniel is Maccabean propaganda written on or after 160 BC not 538 BC. As a result both Islam and Christianity are based on Pharisee lies. Making all three Abrahamic traditions as they stand today frauds. There is no such thing as an Angel Gabriel. In other words The Book of Daniel has simply all been made up and based on Historic events leading up to 160 BC.
  • Noah’s Ark story as told in the Bible is a fraud. There is not enough water on earth to account for the rise in sea levels that the Bible speaks about. The notion was also crafted by someone with a mindset that saw the world as it was before AD 1615. A flat circular disc covered by a dome called the firmament surround by water, above and below.
  • The Sky God concept and monotheism was based  on passages from the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah was the first of five corruptions that saw empires own religion and use it to their advantage. This continues to this very day as an empire promotes Islam to dominate religion across the globe. The rise of Islam is not driven from grass-roots followers that sincerely believe in an Allah.
  • The Book of Isaiah is also a false prophecy used as propaganda by or for Cyrus the Great  in and around 540 – 538 BC. It has similarities to the propaganda we see on the Cyrus Cylinder.
  • All Biblical Prophecies are Frauds.
  • The Roman Empire has always owned Christianity, ever since AD 73.
  • Evolution theory is correct and there is evidence that shows how key aspects of  human behaviour are directly related to animal behaviours.
  • Belief has been a curse on humanity, not a blessing. A race who has suffered the most is the supposed chosen ones of Yahweh. The gentle shepherds of Israel.
  • Ezekiel 23 is one of the founding reasons why women have not been respected by religions. It is a Fraud created during the Persian .
  • The Move on Ukraine by Russia ahs been orchestrated by a global elite. They have fooled PUTIN into this situation and aim to make this the beginning of a War between Russia and China and the west
  • Putin is knowingly planning an assault on America
  •  America leaders havebeen corrupt over the years. They are being double crossed because the west is bankrupt.
  • A global elite is responsible for the collapse of the western financial systems
  • A global elite are responsible for convincing governments would wide to sell their assets
  • A global elite are responsible for the massive division in wealth distribution. One example is the oil prices another the privatisation of energy distribution
  • A global elite is responsible for duping both Russia and China
  • A global elite owns the vast majority of news organizations across the globe. Rupert Murdoch’s organization is one such organization.
  • A global elite owns the vast majority of the major publishing houses and this is why Jesse Ventura and others have struggled to get the truth about the JFK assassination to the public.

Competition Rule:  Your explanation cannot be the same as mine and we must both be prepared to participate in an online debate. Provide 50%  better evidence as judged by the mutually agreed members of the audience and you will win the prize. I will meet the costs of  staging the online debate or offer it to a sponsor to pick up the tab.

NOTE : THIS IS THE START AND MY LIST IS INCOMPLETE …. LOOK HERE FOR THE POINT IN TIME WHEN I SAY GO and then start with the submissions to eartheconomyspirit@gmail.com…

So what’s my single complete SUPER Conspiracy Theory also cover. And there is more to come Scholars. 

Well it’s not that complex. Even though it may seem so at first. Here’s some of the may conspiracies it brings under its wings:

  • The three Abrahamic religions are frauds and I have evidence.
  • The Empire and the Pharisees run the religions and always have for over 2500 years.
  • Muhammad used the lies of the Pharisees to invent his own fraud.
  • Jesus was real and a decent fella. He’s dead and only his decent philosophy remains to serve humanity
  • The Pharisees are still active and up to their same boring and nasty old tricks. Banking , Ambassadors, Media  and Trade “experts” since the days of early Rome. Many are leading figures amongst the Arkenazi Jews.
  • The Jewish Folks, rather than being “God’s” Chosen people are among this “Sky God’s” most cursed folks. In fact all believers were and cursed.
  • The rise of Islam is a planned campaign, aligned to this move for world domination
  • This Conspiracy theory explains almost every other major Conspiracy theory due to the links to the Empire and the Pharisees. Such as
    • MKULTRA Project
    • JFK assassination
    • Kissinger and Nixon
    • Bush
    • The Federal Reserve Banking Scandal – The Pharisees have
    • All AntiSimentic conspiracies
    • Armenian conspiracy
    • Babylon and Racist oppression
    • Eurabia
    • “The Underground Reich”
    • Baha’i
    • New World Order – Solved
    • Federal Reserve System – Solved
    • False Flag Operations
    • Wars
    • Assassinations and other Deaths
    • US Presidency
    • Clinton Body Count
    • Barack Obama
    • Apocalyptic – Solved
    • Bible Conspiracy Theories
    • Catholicism as a veiled continuation of Babylonian paganism – Solved and verified
    • suppression of Technology
    • Surveillance, espionage and intelligence agencies
    • Real and alleged groups said to be involved in conspiracies
    • Skull and Bones

Oh, and remind me to tell you about the story of the two bohemian corporals in recent history and a third antichrist, when we are done here.

Bohemian Corporal

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