Genuine AUD$20,000 Super Conspiracy Challenge – Yes, the Russians maybe coming.


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This article deals with the specific people who I suspect are responsible for screwing with the planet and humanity for personal gain. In a time when we need to come together and fight Climate Change, this group of folks and their ill-informed greedy associates are ultimately hell-bent on world domination. They are the Empire and the Pharisees aided by a belief curse that started 2500 years ago.



I assume of course, that  these “names” will under direct public examination be willing to tell the absolute truth. If they lie that cannot be considered a fair assessment of my “ultimate” super conspiracy theory!

To say, I am annoyed by all things religious, media, political, economic, environmental and empirical would be a gross understatement. And that is not the complete list.

“YES! YES!…”  you say,  “but, what is all this to do with the wolves and Russia?”

They are coming, patience.  I respond.

After 20 years of delving through evidence for a strong argument, I’ve decided, stuff it! I am joining the band of conspiracy theorists. My truth seeking days are almost done. However, now that I am a conspiracy theorist, I will still stay focused on solutions,  just as I always have.

If my conspiracy theory proves true, remembering it’s evidenced based, the solution to the problems it exposes is elegantly simple.

When the lying cheating folks publicly confess (private confessions do not respect the victim – wrong churches) and return any stolen resources, we forgive these folks. So long as they have been totally honest. Once a few folks start, it will become like a watershed event.  High rewards and protection  should go to the first among the crooks  who voluntarily come clean, as an incentive.  But only to a limited number. Simple and no bloodshed.

To err is human, To forgive is divine. Never a truer word spoken.

Rather than do this thing in small measures, I’ve decided to present the mother of all the  “plausible” conspiracy theories. Why? Because I can and do have some compelling evidence that I am right. How confident am I? Although almost broke I am offering our last $20,000 AUD dollars in a competition to present a better explanation of reality than mine and defeat just 50% of my claims. See below. This is a genuine offer and not a joke.  

I am also proposing that one super conspiracy can explain most of the existing conspiracies.  And it’s a conspiracy that names some of the people who may be implicated. As this process progresses, I will add more names and take nominations for further investigation.

My aim. Start applying pressure to the many lying scumbag in this world that knowingly are responsible for almost everything evil in this world.  No more using lame excuses like blaming fake Sky God’s or equally fake devils. Explained here …

I’ve decided, rather than waste my time writing more books about mountains of evidence, I’d just give folks the bottom line and if anyone bothers asking I’ll offer my evidence for free. I will however publish my research that explains the religious corruptions. The Competition will be largely based on this evidence. I fortunes change I may run a second competition on another project I am working on. Gotta pay the bills and recover the time invested, right.

I’ve all but given up on a suitable financial return from this massive research effort. Being nearly broke, it’s time to look after my family and get back to earning an income. Besides, I am tired of dealing with ignorant folks who would rather talk about grammar than discuss facts and evidence. It’s as Einstein always said.


I jest of course, but the point remains valid… {Don’t try smarties, you’ll lose :-) }

I figure it’s better a fool, expose this crap and risk being wrong {but I’ll bet I am not}, than it is to allow these assholes to get a way with murder unchallenged and unknown for their crimes.

So what’s my Complete Conspiracy Theory.

Well it’s not that complex. Even though it may seem so at first. Here’s some of the may conspiracies it brings under its wings:

  • The three Abrahamic religions are frauds and I have evidence.
  • The Empire and the Pharisees run the religions and always have for over 2500 years.
  • Muhammad used the lies of the Pharisees to invent his own fraud.
  • Jesus was real and a decent fella. He’s dead and only his decent philosophy remains to serve humanity
  • The Pharisees are still active and up to their same boring and nasty old tricks. Banking , Ambassadors, Media  and Trade “experts” since the days of early Rome. Many are leading figures amongst the Arkenazi Jews.
  • The Jewish Folks, rather than being “God’s” Chosen people are among this “Sky God’s” most cursed folks. In fact all believers were and cursed.
  • The rise of Islam is a planned campaign, aligned to this move for world domination
  • This Conspiracy theory explains almost every other major Conspiracy theory due to the links to the Empire and the Pharisees. Such as
    • MKULTRA Project
    • JFK assassination
    • Kissinger and Nixon
    • Bush
    • The Federal Reserve Banking Scandal – The Pharisees have
    • All AntiSimentic conspiracies
    • Armenian conspiracy
    • Babylon and Racist oppression
    • Eurabia
    • “The Underground Reich”
    • Baha’i
    • New World Order – Solved
    • Federal Reserve System – Solved
    • False Flag Operations
    • Wars
    • Assassinations and other Deaths
    • US Presidency
    • Clinton Body Count
    • Barack Obama
    • Apocalyptic – Solved
    • Bible Conspiracy Theories
    • Catholicism as a veiled continuation of Babylonian paganism – Solved and verified
    • suppression of Technology
    • Surveillance, espionage and intelligence agencies
    • Real and alleged groups said to be involved in conspiracies

Drumroll….. Here’s the new improved single theory that encompasses many of the above either directly or indirectly. As they say in the classics it is the truth that sets us free.

The Ultimate Super Conspiracy by Rob Beasley

*The evils of ego are why we have no peace*

The Empire and the Pharisees have been plundering their way through history on a path to World Domination. These folks have chosen personal advantage and corruption as their way. They consciously choose to be self serving. They follow and fed the ways of an evil wolf that resides in all humanity. That’s right we are the evil in this world. We are also the source of the Go(o)d. No Sky Gods exist. No Devils. No Angels. No Biblical Prophecies. No Miracles. We live we die. Sometimes we enjoy the experience. Sometimes we die with no regrets and in peace. Sometimes we don’t. Most everything about human behaviour is explained by this ancient Cherokee tale of two wolves. And it has evolutionary connotations.

“An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

If you think the behavioural claim is too simple, check this article out and make sure you view the videos. These things clearly show why “antiegoism” should be considered a new ideology for further scientific study. From all my research it appears that ego, not money or any fake demons, lies as the root of all evil. Ego certainly is the root of all lies.

6 His disciples asked him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?”

Jesus said, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Gosple of Thomas – Saying 6 ( Whilst not found in any Bible this is absolutely true about humanity. Why? Look here …)

If your next question to me was, well what about religions and the fact that half the globe’s population believe in a god. I’d say, check this article or wait for my Book. ” What’s this thing called Go(o)d? That’s religion explained let’s talk peace”.  The full evidence will be available before the Easter Bunny Arrives in 2014. In short though,  the Abrahamic religions are scams and have been for 2500 years. And if you still think man did not invent a SKY GOD look here. Or if you think Islam is also not a fraud, look here. But if your only interested in knowing why women get such a raw deal from religions, then check this appalling story that the Persians cooked up and added to the Bible.

Throughout history the empires of this world have shown some very basic repetitive patterns of behaviour and strategic moves that give them away.  When viewed from a big picture pespective, that is.

The behaviours have all the “scent markings” of our Cherokee friends evil wolf.

Common tactics include mass confusion, division and then conquering of nation states. Empires, like personal egos, are associated with all things selfish.  Lust, insatiable needs, greed and egotistical pride ar examples. They favour monopoly in all it’s forms.  Their special interests include banking, wanking (it rhymed), trade, monopoly of media and publications, corruption, playing the role of shit-stirring ambassador, secret societies and covert agencies. History is littered with the evidence.

They love to confuse their hosts and greedily increase the wealth divide in societies they engage with. Their behaviours are very much in the spirit of deceitful manipulation. They are and always have been the hypocrites or the fifth column in the historical record.

Two historic examples of this evil empires deliberate and ruthless division strategies are:

  • The creation of the Federal Reserve Banking System in America, thus splitting the money from the political leaders. This is a continuation of the Court Jew model which was around from at least the 11th Century.
  • The Rwandan Massacre that occurred in 1994 and I suggest was a direct result of the Empire’s Scramble for Africa. This horror finds its roots with a man called Otto Von Bismarck.

To extreme a conspiracy. Couldn’t possibly be true?  A tiny OMG or WTF!

Think about the profiles of our previous two  “Antichrist”; Napoleon and Hitler stood 1.68m and 1.73m respectively.  Putin’s a short ass at 1.65m. He has an alleged “new” and secret fortune. Consider how he treats “his” women. His ridiculous stance on gays. His “new” relationship with religion and God and how he is as much a hypocrite as any Pharisee or Emperor before him. His and China’s role in the Syrian Chemical attacks and the FACT that not one person has been found accountable. His relationship with North Korea . His relationship with China. The fact he is a major asshole and yet claims a relationship with God.

The Competition:

To earn the $20,000 AUD Dollars you must produce a superior “evidenced based” argument for no less than 50% of the following claims. Your single connected theory will be debated alonside against mine in a Public Forum that will be hosted on this site. We must agree on form and people who will sit in Judgement of our debate. To earn the right to a debate, all you need to do is send me all your competing summary premises. I will post this on a Forum and people will vote. If you gain a thousand supporters, we will have the debate and you will stand the chance to WIN this genuine offer of $20,000 AUD Dollars.  If you lose though, you must pay me $20,000 AUD Dollars. This is not a competition for the faint hearted. Only one person debate is on offer. So only one best submission will be considered. You cannot hold the same theory as mine and should have different arguments. That defeats the pupose.

Remember you must give a superior argument to mine for over 50% of all the following claims. It is not about attacking each others premises. This is about providing a superior explanation of reality.

My Claims:

  • Jesus was a real person called the Righteous Teacher of the Essene’s at Qumran. The large bathing vats at Qumran were for meditation. This Person was also the man behind  the Sayings in The Gospel of Thomas. These sayings are all genuinely accurate philosophically and this can be demonstrated. These sayings validate Q source theory. Approximately 61  Sayings were used by Roman Emperor Nerva when he architected the Gospels of the Bible and the works of Flavius Josephus, a fictional character invented by Nerva.  The balance of 53 Sayings were deliberately excluded because of the threat to Pharisee and Roman rule.
  • The Book of Daniel is Maccabean propaganda written on or after 160 BC. As a result both Islam and Christianity are based on lies. There is no such thing as an Angel Gabriel. In other words its simply all been made up and based on Historic events leading up to 160 BC.
  • The Book of Isaiah is false prophecy used as propaganda by or for Cyrus the Great  in and around 540 – 538 BC. It has similarities to the propaganda we see on the Cyrus Cylinder.
  • All Biblical Prophecies are Frauds.
  • The Roman Empire has always owned Christianity, ever since AD 73.
  • The three Abrahamic religions based on their current form are frauds and have served Empire for almost 2500 years.
  • Evolution theory is correct and there is evidence that shows how key aspects of  human behaviour are directly related to animal behaviours.
  • There is clear evidence to show how the idea of a sky god was first established and why this same event was the birth of monotheism for the Abrahamic traditions
  • Belief has been a curse on humanity, not a blessing. A race who has suffered the most is the supposed chosen ones of Yahweh. The gentle shepherds of Israel.
  • Ezekial 23 is one of the founding reasons why women have not been respected by religions. It is a Fraud.

So who are these selfish assholes and why do they do these things.  Well, I’ve spent 20 years considering these things and I can be somewhat more specific than most.

Nostradamus 3rd AntiChrist is Vladimir Putin, servant to the Rothschild family and their connections. This worlds super rich.  The Chinese élite have also become the fool puppets of this global élite. Don’t believe in Nostradamus. Best you check this out and then look at world affairs more carefully.

The people of interest, who can help shed light on religions and empire, by being totally truthful are

  • Steve Price of ( When Jesse Ventura announced the release of his book on the JFK assassination, within a week Steve Price appeared on Australian Televisions 10 Network’ show the Project. The Project was running a silly story about JFK’s Brain. Steve Price was fumbling over himself to say that this will be the beginning of the silly season of JFK conspiracies. Question for Steve.  Without lying (you’ll go to hell for lying), was this an event orchestrated by people to dampen conversation about the JFK assassination. Viewers:   Jesse released his book around 1st October 2013. Do you know of any other news services that ran similar stories. I’ll add those folks to this list.
  • Kevin Rudd, Ex-Prime Minister of Australia @MrKRudd. When Kevin first came to power one of the first thing he began to vigorously pursue was an Asia Pacific Union. He failed.  Did this initiative have anything to do with him winning power. Honestly who else was pushing this agenda and why?
  • Henry Kissinger. Can you tell everyone about your true agenda and explain the true story behind the many wars you were involved in.
  • The Queen and the Pope. Is God real
  • Bill Clinton. Can you speak truthfully about your political career and how many affairs you have had.
  • Russian President Putin. Have you received money from people and has it influenced your political actions. Are you a woman beater. Do you have hidden wealth. Do you believe in God and the Devil. Are you a much-loved or a much feared President. Do you plan to attack America should the opportunity arise. Do you think you have ego issues. Are tyrants good for a country. Why?
  • Rupert Murdoch. Did you meet regularly with Frank Lowy. Did you receive any financial aid due to this association. Have you ever manipulated the truth in your Media organizations at the request of special interests. Will you allow all Journalists to speak freely about their dealings with you and your team without persecution for 2 years.

Viewers: If you have any other people who you think should be part of this study, let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Please offer your evidence and the event.

Let the games begin. This is a sincere effort to bring unity and peace to humanity and better understanding of a man called simply Jesus. Pardon me, if I ignore those who take it lightly.

God does not intervene , says the 3 billion living in poverty. Peace is made NOT of wishful thinking.



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