The Fifth Corruption – The Big Picture

How the emperors have conned us all. And still do. Boy have we been the smucks…


From the closing chapters of my book. A summary of what really happened  …

It’s now finally time to pull these five episodes together and present the fifth and final corruption of the series. But if you think this is the end of the story, you’d be sadly mistaken. In Volume III of my Book Series, I intend to show you how this was just the beginning of this unholy dance between the Holy Roman Empire and its Pharisee friends.


In the first instance, it’s the all-powerful Cyrus the Great who is ultimately responsible for this massive corruption, not the Jewish people, when he corrupts their religion in 538 BC, a practise he was familiar with and had applied to other victims of his.  The most recent in 540BC were the Babylonians. Evidence for that con be found on the Cyrus Cylinder.

In the case of the Jewish captives, fraudulent prophecy is used to serve Cyrus’ propaganda. To corrupt Judaism, Cyrus alters their written tradition by creating the Book of Isaiah. It’s not the work of a prophet at all. Isaiah is written after the events it “predicts” and is simply a scam. In fact it’s in Isaiah that Cyrus and his Magi invent the illusion of a SKY GOD that he “requires” people to have faith in.

Jesus said, “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the (Father’s) kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the <father’s>kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.”

from the Gospel of Thomas – the long lost and “real” Jesus sayings, not the Bible.

Then in 167 BC, the Pharisees or their predecessors,  priests and satraps of this Cyrus-corrupt Judaism, react to the influences and threats that the Greek philosophy presents to their prestige and power. A 7 year (2300 day) civil war erupts between supporters of the hellenized Jews and the Pharisee factions.

The Greek traditions were introduced to the region by Alexander the Great when he conquers ten kingdoms (or horns). In the wake of that 2,300-day turmoil that ensues, the Maccabees/Pharisees create the Book of Daniel in an attempt to recover some respect and control, after the civil war. The Book of Daniel, just like Isaiah is written after the facts it allegedly “predicts”. In 160 BC not 538 BC as the Bible would have us believe. Again propaganda is presented as prophecy.

The king of the region, Antiochus IV Epiphanes (the little horn in chapter 8 and also the king who exalts himself in chapter 11 of the Book of Daniel), had intervened in 167 BC and supported those in opposition to the Maccabees. This marks the beginning of that 2300 day battle that ends in 160 BC.  Epiphanes role lasts for three and a half years (1,290–1,335 days) until he dies in 164BC.Perhaps a lingering death explains the 45 day extension mention in the Book of Daniel.

Two linked and fraudulent prophesies had left people believing that prophecies were a reality. This belief then gifts additional powers to the creators of the myths over those that believe.

Roman engagement seems to be on the increase, and a bond is formed between Rome and the rulers of Judea in 161 BC that will last until Rome eventually takes full political control. For all intents and purposes, this occurs in AD 44 with the death of King Agrippa I.

“An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?” The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

As an aside, could this relationship between belief and power be a simple explanation for bullying.  Revealing how it takes both belief and ego to allow bullying (and persecution) to occur? The bully is born out of egoic influences, the evil wolf. Either through attention seeking or having thoughts that others are different in some way, they create a story, first in their own minds. The victims believe this story the power relationship has created. The victims then confirm their belief when they show signs of being afraid. Sensing the power the bullies starts their campaign of cruelty and persecution. No belief, no bullying, because the egoic behaviour is not granted its false notion. Of course, if the bully had no ego issues …  It takes two to tango.

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

It’s also the second fake prophecy that introduces the equally fake angels Michael and Gabriel for the first time. They are presented as interpreters of the mystical visions created by the author(s) of this fiction. Islam and Muhammad now lay exposed. Some folks may reach for their Apocrypha books, the flimsy dating of the Septuagint or the testamonies of those sneaky Pharisees Philo and Josephus. No good, I’m afraid. Read on …

Jesus, possibly a Nabataean, joins the Essene community, which follows the austere traditions of the traditional Jewish teachings recorded in the written Old Testament of the Bible. People who adopt these practises are called Nazarite, or perhaps that’s amended later to Nazoraeans. Nazarite is a term that comes from the original pre-Babylon Judaism and can be found in the Torah. The Essene community may have links back to the Maccabees period, or at least the Dead Sea Scrolls records indicate that the site at Qumran has records dating back to that period. The Essene community seemed to be charged with or committed to maintaining and studying the Jewish Torah.

Among the Essenes rises one with a spiritual clarity that emerges from time to time in the fabric of human history. Not unlike a Nelson Mandela, a Dalai Lama, a John Lennon, a Ghandi, a Russel Edward Brand or a Mother Theresa. They call this person the righteous teacher, preferring not to record an individual by formal name for security reasons. This man begins to unravel the mysteries of Judaism, identifying a whore from Babylon as the original perpetrator – to what degree, we may never know. He may or may not have been called Jesus, but history has afforded him this name.

The chief of London through the realm of America, The Isle of Scotland will be tried by frost: King and Reb[Russel Edward Brand] will face an Antichrist so false, That he will place them in the conflict all together.

Nostradamus – Century X Quatrain 66

His faithful followers begin recording his sayings. They end up in a 114-saying collection that, if interpreted accurately by the reader, reveal the keys to his philosophy and offer his interpretation of this thing we, in common, call Go(o)d. It’s these sayings that may be the only verifiable test we’ll ever have to the truth about the authenticity of these ancient Sayings. After all isn’t spirituality best judged on the experiences it delivers more so than the words.

The sayings carry with them a key that is said to self-validate the wisdom. People who grasp the meaning will become virtuous and lose the taste of death. This is humanities true holy grail, in my opinion. Jesus has shown how to make a thirsty horse drink. That is , assuming the horse is thirsty enough. As a philosopher keing, Jesus has surpassed Plato in this regard. Refer to Meno by Plato.

His wisdom and integrity begins to gain him popularity amongst his community and eventually attracts converts from Pharisaic Judaism. Once again, just as in the days of the Maccabees, the Pharisees are threatened with losses to their tradition.  But this time from one of their own. A Jewish rabbi.

I find myself, wondering if Jesus simply belonged to a community of Jewish People that simply withdrew from Jerusalem in order to escape the rigours or Pharisaic Judaism. A group of hippies following their own spiritual path.

Or, perhaps Jesus is a priest/rabbi that is also privy to the oral tradition, a man whose spiritual confidence sees the damage this corruption has brought to the people of Jerusalem. Is he a Jew that sincerely tries to save his people from a corrupt priesthood?

As before in 167 BC, the Pharisees go on the offensive and kill this righteous teacher from Qumran. Nasty and jealous lot those Pharisees when it comes to losing followers.

The person that takes up the mantle of righteous teacher is his brother, James the Just. James is recorded by others as the “Christian bishop” of Jerusalem. Given that jealous nature of the Pharisees, it’s hard to image a “Christian bishop” surviving long in Jerusalem proper. Remember the Essenes lived outside Jerusalem.

The Greeks, and now Rome through the antics of Caligula, still plague the Pharisees and thwart their desire for self-determination and self-regulation. A deep rooted lusting for authority that was sown by the Cyrus corruption. A true original sin, if ever there was one.

Caligula, Nero, and Commodus are three child emperors that are associated with the havoc of the remaining phases of my five “Great” corruptions theory. King Herod Agrippa I (aka Agrippa the Great), Alexander the Alabarch, and possibly others, initially out of self-preservation perhaps, conspire to remove Caligula and lobby to place the weaker Claudius, a “friend” of Herod Agrippa and Alexander the Alabarch, into power. They are successful. And rewarded accordingly. Another successful Pharisee plot.

Following that success they come up with a cunning plan to take over the followers of Jesus.

Using deceit, in keeping with the techniques that Cyrus fostered, they began to evangelize the churches of Jesus.  But orally at first, because the Pharisees knew that with an oral tradition it will be far harder to uncover the deception. They know from past experience that the corruption’s details cannot be pinned down if it’s orally delivered and they have the advatage of being able to adjust to meet circumstance. Paul/Saul, Barnabas, Mark, Theudas, and possibly others are charged with the task of evangelism. Miracles, other than Pharisee notions of a messiah and resurrection, are not a part of the Pharisee deceit.

In AD 44, something breaks the alliance of Agrippa I’s conspirators. He is killed with Claudius’s knowledge. Others from the time – Simon (who may have been also known as Peter), James the Great, and a mysterious man named Theudas – are also allegedly killed.  You’ll need to read my book to see why I added Simon.

The “Gnostic” teachings, with at least the exception of the Gospel of Thomas, are part of the Pharisee oral tradition that returned from Babylon. They are heavily influenced by Cyrus’s Zoroastrian magi and Persian astrology. They are also the foundation of a secret oral tradition of the Pharisees, the Kabbalah. All falsely labelled “Gnostic” traditions. I suspect these oral teachings remained a closely guarded Pharisee secret until an act of desperation that followed the third Roman attack on Jewish people in AD 136. This act of desperation leads to Valentinius (and possibly others) trying a political tactic against Rome. Valentinius goal is to claim the papal seat in Rome.

Valentinius uses some of the oral tradition to lure people away from Rome’s Christianity in AD 136. He is popular in his appeal and almost succeeds in the deception. It’s assumed he dies at age sixty around AD 160–161; perhaps it’s closer to AD 166 or later.

Back to AD 65, to the Pisonian Conspiracy.

Future Emperor Nerva uncovers the earlier deception the Pharisees were working through Paul and against Rome. Nerva is handsomely rewarded by Nero, who is now dubbed by some as the Anti-Christ. Nero is identified in code by 666, the Greek numerical equivalent of his name. Nero and Rome now set out to teach the Jewish people a lesson they will never forget. At this time, “Christianity” (the Essenes) is viewed by Rome as just another Jewish sect, and it is part of an overall Jewish plot against Rome. Rome wipes out at least the key “Christian” personnel and then all but destroys Jerusalem and its surroundings. The Essenes and Sadducee religions cease to exist after this first of three wars on the Jews (AD 66–73).

Then after this war ends, Rome, through Nerva’s management and literary expertise, creates the works of Flavius Josephus and a Roman Christian interpretation of the Jesus message. This is the point in time that Rome’s Christianity is born. And it firmly belongs to Rome not God. The New Testaments Bible is born and Jewish history retold through that familiar form of propaganda, witnessed in the earlier corruptions. Jesus is real,but Josephus is the invented persona. It’s also the Roman hand and supersitious ways that bring the idea of miracles as reality to our world.

The histories of Valentinius and that other child emperor, Commodus, reveal to us that Rome was still very much jealously guarding and governing her Roman brand of Christianity when the subterfuge of another Pharisee agent in Valentinius is put down.  We also see evidence of  higher authority at work when in AD 166  and AD 189 Rome appoints new bishops and writes a paper labelling this trickery as a Gnostic heresy. My sense is that Rome was always in charge of Christianity’s past story. If this was the case in AD 189, perhaps it’s not unreasonable to assume that Flavius Constantine the Great was also aware of this history when his time came.

Is it realistic to think that such a powerful figure as Constantine, with such a history devoted to his rise in power, would be told how the new religion would work in his state? Or given the other corruptions, is it more likely that he would follow the examples of his predecessors and use religion to serve a power agenda? If you’re unsure wait for my next book and let me introduce to the Medici family.

After Constantine watched the formidable growth of Christianity between AD 250–300, and assuming he knows the full back story, and the threat that an unregulated Jesus story represented to a relationship he enjoys between religion and power, he decides to use this Jesus story to his advantage. Under his guide, Rome starts the process of adopting the Orthodox faith–based Christianity as its primary religion. And Constantine becomes the darling of Christianity. And the belief curse is launched onto an unsuspecting world.

Constantine starts this campaign by announcing a vision shortly after his triumph at Battle of the Milvian Bridge, using “magic” just like the other frauds in the preceding corruptions. One of the largest empires, and what would become one of the largest religions, now had an unholy alliance. And it was all under one man’s control.

Christianity in the 4th century – Roman legalization (Wikipedia)

At the meeting in AD 325 regarding the Nicene Creed, Constantine formally approves the Orthodox Christian interpretation that Rome has been supporting since AD 70, suppressing anything in opposition.

Jesus said, “Where there are three gods, they are gods. Where there are two or one, I am with him.”

Gospel of Thomas – Saying 30

Jesus knows a fake religion when he sees it; The two and the one are our very own  two wolves.

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  1. david says:

    so if you break everything down to factual events and kinda read through the b s and politics,, you see the reality of human nature in the ” essene jew”,or whatever u call jesus. what then about revelations?… is it completely made up? .. a lot of religions get there biggest income on the end times.

    • bbeasley says:

      Revelations was made up by the Romans. It was originally designed to spook the Empire folks by presenting a “prophecy” about the 3 Jewish Wars up to AD 136. I found a very telling tale in the Jewish Telmud about how the Romans had been brutally killing the Jews. So much so that blood was up to the nostrils of the Roman soldiers horses. Historically this was the last of those 3 Wars. When you read revelations it mentions this same event. Also revelations refers to the Book of Daniel context. Book of Daniel was not the work of a 538 BC Daniel. The Maccabees made up that prophecy after the facts in 160 BC. In short it is all bs. It is made up … Search my site for Daniel and you’ll see how that nonsense was made up.

    • bbeasley says:

      Consider sharing this stuff, We really need to be seriously challenging religion and empire on a really nasty history

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