Why are Atheists and Islamists similar – Try debating each and you’ll quickly see!

Since writing my book aboout religious corruptions, I’ve been trying to engage both these groups in a debate. And there’s plenty of them. They are like a swarm. Perhaps, more like a plague.

One thing I’ve noticed that is overwhelmingly obvious. They both ┬áhandle the situation exactly the same and they both move in herds and speak the same rhetoric within their respective tribe.

My conclusion, they both behave like a pack of knucklheads and I think it’s related to the fact that they both argue about things that do not exist in reality.

I’m going to see if the forer effect applies. Certainly its herd behavior. ┬áTime permitting, I’ll come up with a list of the behaviours they hold in coming, apart from stupidity.







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