The truth about empires and their religious fraud

Rob Beasley, Editor at the Fourth Column released his first volume of a series of three books that paint a significantly different portrait of the religious belief traditions than has ever been witnessed before.

He suggests that we’ve all been conned by the Empire.

Volume I which introduces a new look at Jesus, a different take on some Nostradamus Quatrains and a theory of 5 “Great” corruptions is titled, ┬áJesus the Essene Jew, Nostradamus and the fraud overview. The series title is ┬áJesus H.Christ!! , We’ve been conned by the Emperors – WTF?

The five "Great" corruptions theory. How empires stole the Peoples religions

It’s on sale now from and will soon be released by Authorhouse, assuming they don’t get cold feet.



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