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What is this thing called Prophecy?

Saw an interesting article recently. Children with autism have extra brain synapses Why is that interesting? Don’t know yet. However, it was this fact that we had these gaps in our brain that data moved over that helped me see

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Is there life after death?

NO! The Jewish folk pre Babylon believed when you died you went to sheol. She’ol (/ˈʃiːoʊl/ shee-ohl or /ˈʃiːəl/ shee-əl; Hebrew שְׁאוֹל Šʾôl), translated as “grave”, “pit”, or “abode of the dead”, is the Hebrew term for the place of the dead, the common grave of humans,

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Exploring John the Baptizer

WORK IN PROGRESS  Mandaean connection to John Baptizer and the Essen Baths and Trajan. The second woe and the annexation of Nabataea. And how this fills another gap regarding the creation of Islam by the Persian Rabbi’s Ray

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A quick study of Pliny

Through the times of Pliney , it was interesting that there are only three key figures associated with Christianity. Two have suspect dates associated with their time on earth.  They are Polycarp AD 69– 155-160’s Aged between 80 and 90 something

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Cognitive Dissonance – A tale of two wolves at war within the one

How odd it is, that the global reality should so closely mirror the personal reality. Something Plato noted some 2,400 years ago. A blink of the eye in terms of eternity. And how little these things have changed. But the

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