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What is This Thing Called Go(O)D?

We are this thing called Go(O)d… and we are also this thing called evil. “An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority,

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RUMOUR FILE #1: Putin to be assassinated by Illuminati and Chinese elite to rule Asio-Russian Zone

This just in from the Nostradamus files… IN A GREEDY MAN’S WORLD THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE KING ! After bankrupting the west the Pharisee backed Illuminate are planning a triple double cross play. Missing Plane will be blamed

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Are Belief Religions about to End? Was Nostradamus the only true Prophet of a God or was he just an ATHEIST?

“Everything proceeds from the divine power of almighty God, from whom all goodness emanates” ~ Michel Nostradamus Islam, Pharisaic Judaism and Rome’s Christianity’s only future is a dead-end…. Lies are not sustainable… Eventually only Jesus remains! Through the power of

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SMACKDOWN 2014 – Who wins – Is Nostradamus right?

#PublicConfessionTime  – Media – Religions – Scholars Religion is not the real problem. It’s Empire. It always has been humanities biggest headache. Why?  Because it is ego on steroids. An evil wolf that we all know, and some greedy assholes

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EPIPHANIES – JUSTICE FROM THE GRAVE? Is Epiphany the final connecting PEACE in this puzzle?

To understand this perspective you must immerse yourself in these four elements. You never understand stuff fully until you can grasp the big picture. Religious Corruption – Why the three Abrahamic Religions are frauds.  The True Jesus Philosophies  Where Nostradamus

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$20,000 AUD Prize if you can beat me in the Genuine Super Conspiracy Challenge – First to 50% wins the 20K (WIP)

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night folks, This is the simple challenge. The first person to offer a single related Conspiracy theory that offers a more rational explanation for only 50% of my claims WILL win themself $20,000 AUD.

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History, Empires and simple minded Patterns – The return of the Bohemian Corporal or is it the 3rd AntiChrist

  It’s honestly weird how History repeats itself.  Take the case of the Bohemian Corporal and the 3rd Antichrist. And I haven’t even began to talk about Nero yet. Why are we so slow to pick up on things. ahhhhhhh….

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Genuine AUD$20,000 Super Conspiracy Challenge – Yes, the Russians maybe coming.

THIS CHALLENGE HAS BEEN REPLACED BY A SIMPLER FORMAT You’ll find it here This article deals with the specific people who I suspect are responsible for screwing with the planet and humanity for personal gain. In a time when

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