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Spot the Man of Go(o)d and then ask me who is the man of Empire

Piers Morgan Is A Dick To Penn Jillette (Part 1 of 2) Piers Morgan Is A Dick To Penn Jillette (Part 2 of 2) After you’ve had a good tour of the site and read my books, come

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Tracking the Empire and the Pharisee beyond 325AD – Volume III – Roads to ruin

Well, for any folks that have or will get a chance to read my first two books, you’ll probably find yourself wondering, if belief religions are really a scam how the heck did they survive so long. Are there no

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How to achieve Peace, without war, in a corrupt world. Simple.

When Plato wrote his famous work “the Republic”, some 400 years before the times of Jesus, his key theme was that societal behaviours could be explained by personal behaviours. He framed personal behaviours by using three characters. The lover of

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The Fifth Corruption – The Big Picture

How the emperors have conned us all. And still do. Boy have we been the smucks… From the closing chapters of my book. A summary of what really happened  … It’s now finally time to pull these five episodes together

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Let’s meet the Royals

The following lists the Roman Royals and others during the times of the third corruption of religions (AD 40). A time when the Pharisees tried to reclaim the followers they were losing to the Greek and Essene traditions.  And you

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Why are Atheists and Islamists similar – Try debating each and you’ll quickly see!

Since writing my book aboout religious corruptions, I’ve been trying to engage both these groups in a debate. And there’s plenty of them. They are like a swarm. Perhaps, more like a plague. One thing I’ve noticed that is overwhelmingly

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The cruelty of the Persian Empire towards Jewish women – God king Cyrus my ass!

Chapter 23 of Ezekiel (Bible), shows one of the most fiendish and heartless examples of the Persian Propaganda. Here two Jewish (towns) sisters are portrayed as prostitutes to excuse the cruelty inflicted on the people of Judah when they were assaulted

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The Crooked Book of Daniel – There is no Angel Gabriel – Muhammad, the Pharisees made it up.

UPDATE :- Looks like Yale University and Scholarship agree. Well, when they catch up that is! After you’ve read my deductions, consider check out the Yale position,  by clicking the link above. UPDATE 2  :- This explains The king who exalts

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Tracking the Climate Debate

Latest from the publicly funded Australian Climate Council. Temperatures already at formerly projected 2030 trends by 14 years. And older report of what lay ahead. The latest outlook from the chair of the Climate council is far less promising

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