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The voice of the people and avenue for truth and justice and support for adding a fourth column to the democracy

Time for the next evolution to the political paradigm – The five columns of democracy

We need a paradigm for the conversation of (r)evolution. Because, lets be blunt that is what we do. We evolve. My suggestion is the following new political paradigm. I like to call it the 5 column model. You take the

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A simple peace framework – captured in equally simplistic logos

It’s not only about spirituality. If we can’t learn to abide with the ways of the planet or manage its scarce resources equitably and economically, spirituality will not matter. Nor will spirituality be given its full wings. Such is the

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The truth about empires and their religious fraud

Rob Beasley, Editor at the Fourth Column released his first volume of a series of three books that paint a significantly different portrait of the religious belief traditions than has ever been witnessed before. He suggests that we’ve all been

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