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Why God never played politics, nor are there sex parties in heaven. It was always the handiwork of empires

There is a great insight into the duality of humanity comes to us from the Cherokee Indians, allegedly.  “An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger,

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A quick study of Pliny

Through the times of Pliney , it was interesting that there are only three key figures associated with Christianity. Two have suspect dates associated with their time on earth.  They are Polycarp AD 69– 155-160’s Aged between 80 and 90 something

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Cognitive Dissonance – A tale of two wolves at war within the one

How odd it is, that the global reality should so closely mirror the personal reality. Something Plato noted some 2,400 years ago. A blink of the eye in terms of eternity. And how little these things have changed. But the

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The simple beginnings of everything

Everyting, it seems,  expands over time.. But they still hold the basic premises as foundational. Some examples Computers are founded on the true false ( 1 ‘s and O) premise and everything about them can be expressed ultimately in those

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Additional evidence that supports the 5 Great Corruptions Conclusion

This is a list to other material that adds depth to the Conclusions deduced in my Book : What is this thing called Go(o)d? The Exodus cover blown Yahweh and El(ohim) – The true Judaism roots are with the

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SMACKDOWN 2014 – Who wins – Is Nostradamus right?

#PublicConfessionTime  – Media – Religions – Scholars Religion is not the real problem. It’s Empire. It always has been humanities biggest headache. Why?  Because it is ego on steroids. An evil wolf that we all know, and some greedy assholes

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$20,000 AUD Prize if you can beat me in the Genuine Super Conspiracy Challenge – First to 50% wins the 20K (WIP)

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night folks, This is the simple challenge. The first person to offer a single related Conspiracy theory that offers a more rational explanation for only 50% of my claims WILL win themself $20,000 AUD.

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Spot the Man of Go(o)d and then ask me who is the man of Empire

Piers Morgan Is A Dick To Penn Jillette (Part 1 of 2) Piers Morgan Is A Dick To Penn Jillette (Part 2 of 2) After you’ve had a good tour of the site and read my books, come

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Tracking the Climate Debate

Latest from the publicly funded Australian Climate Council. Temperatures already at formerly projected 2030 trends by 14 years. And older report of what lay ahead. The latest outlook from the chair of the Climate council is far less promising

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In search for the allusive Bill Kauffman speech of 2008

Listening to a broadcast by Tom Woods, I moved to try and chase down a 2008 speech by Bill Kauffman. Here is some of Bill in action. (I think? ) Bill Kauffman on Localism, Part 1 Bill Kauffman on Localism,

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