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How to achieve Peace, without war, in a corrupt world. Simple.

When Plato wrote his famous work “the Republic”, some 400 years before the times of Jesus, his key theme was that societal behaviours could be explained by personal behaviours. He framed personal behaviours by using three characters. The lover of

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A simple peace framework – captured in equally simplistic logos

It’s not only about spirituality. If we can’t learn to abide with the ways of the planet or manage its scarce resources equitably and economically, spirituality will not matter. Nor will spirituality be given its full wings. Such is the

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Human spirituality simply explained. Including the animal connection

This following saying is human spirituality/philosophy explained in perhaps its most simple and elegantly recognizable (true gnosis) form. The tale of two wolves. “An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One

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