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The Fifth Corruption – The Big Picture

How the emperors have conned us all. And still do. Boy have we been the smucks… From the closing chapters of my book. A summary of what really happened  … It’s now finally time to pull these five episodes together

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Let’s meet the Royals

The following lists the Roman Royals and others during the times of the third corruption of religions (AD 40). A time when the Pharisees tried to reclaim the followers they were losing to the Greek and Essene traditions.  And you

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The Crooked Book of Daniel – There is no Angel Gabriel – Muhammad, the Pharisees made it up.

UPDATE :- Looks like Yale University and Scholarship agree. Well, when they catch up that is! After you’ve read my deductions, consider check out the Yale position,  by clicking the link above. UPDATE 2  :- This explains The king who exalts

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Who invented the Sky God and why?

It’s hard to fathom that most folks, with the exception of a few intellectuals, used to think  the world was a flat round. This belief was finally physically disproved in 1522AD, when the men sailing with Ferdinand de Magellan, completed

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Time for the next evolution to the political paradigm – The five columns of democracy

We need a paradigm for the conversation of (r)evolution. Because, lets be blunt that is what we do. We evolve. My suggestion is the following new political paradigm. I like to call it the 5 column model. You take the

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Nostradamus predicts Holy Grail discovery and “Big EarthQuake” ?

And a couple of other interesting ones. Particularly if you know the truth about the fraud of the three Abrahamic Religions and the real Jesus story. Read on, you courageous truth seeker … My books are the result of a

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Facts about Islam

Just spoke to an interesting and dedicated researcher on Islam. Bill Warner, recognizes the threat that is being presented by Islam and has dedicated a significant amount of his energy to disclosing the facts about Islam, in a polite

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