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What is this thing called Prophecy?

Saw an interesting article recently. Children with autism have extra brain synapses Why is that interesting? Don’t know yet. However, it was this fact that we had these gaps in our brain that data moved over that helped me see

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Are Belief Religions about to End? Was Nostradamus the only true Prophet of a God or was he just an ATHEIST?

“Everything proceeds from the divine power of almighty God, from whom all goodness emanates” ~ Michel Nostradamus Islam, Pharisaic Judaism and Rome’s Christianity’s only future is a dead-end…. Lies are not sustainable… Eventually only Jesus remains! Through the power of

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History, Empires and simple minded Patterns – The return of the Bohemian Corporal or is it the 3rd AntiChrist

  It’s honestly weird how History repeats itself. ┬áTake the case of the Bohemian Corporal and the 3rd Antichrist. And I haven’t even began to talk about Nero yet. Why are we so slow to pick up on things. ahhhhhhh….

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Nostradamus predicts Holy Grail discovery and “Big EarthQuake” ?

And a couple of other interesting ones. Particularly if you know the truth about the fraud of the three Abrahamic Religions and the real Jesus story. Read on, you courageous truth seeker … My books are the result of a

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How did Nostradamus calculate his dates (WIP)

I became interested in all thing Nostradamus after working out a theory that explained that all Biblical Prophecies were deliberate after the facts frauds. What also intrigued me was that while religious folks classed him as evil, in his mind

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